Hey!! it's Jonny (okboy)  - psst... tl;dr-ers... the updates are at the bullet points.

FIRST! Let me just thank you all for downloading and playing Ghost Story DEMO! I'll be honest... As my first real game project, I wouldn't have been surprised if maybe like, three people played it? But there's been so much more support than I thought and you all are just amazing. Special thanks to those who helped me to point out certain things that could be fixed or improved upon. No seriously... So like I kinda went into this knowing that there would be a few bugs here and there because I didn't want anybody but me to test anything at first during development for a number of reasons.. The biggest one being that I just think QA is a job that people should be paid for no matter what. So naturally as someone with no money I decided to take it upon myself to do all the QA work which obviously isn't perfect LOL

WITH THAT SAID i again really wanna thank those who pointed out bugs to me after playing. That was very kind of you.  💜

So anyways I've fixed a couple things:

  • First and foremost... The glitchy ambiguous orbs outside of the Sanctum have been given the love they deserve! They will no longer enter a 'set' state over the correct holder without first being let go of by the player. Also once they are set I've added a glowing effect make it more clear.
  • The 'Mastery of Space' puzzle now gives players an extra half-second of room to complete it in time. During testing, I was already so comfortable with the teleportation mechanic that I didn't realize how many people were gonna have trouble with this one! We live and we learn.
  • Save files got a buff! Well, your fullscreen preference and customized keyboard control scheme will just now be preserved between saves. They didn't actually grow more powerful... Nothing to fear. Note! your old save file will load just fine! It should be tucked safely away in your appdata/roaming folder, (on win) so just running the updated game and loading your save should be peachy!
  • Screenshake! Wait, that's always been there...but now you can turn it off if you want!
  • I also did a few smaller bugfixes involving audio fade-outs and certain controls not binding properly.

Thanks again everyone! 💜


Ghost Story DEMO (Windows).zip 302 MB
Apr 23, 2019
Ghost Story DEMO (Ubuntu).zip 302 MB
Apr 23, 2019

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