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You're a ghost. You're not sure why. You awaken in a world a with a whole lot of questions and not a whole lot of answers.

Make strange friends... Uncover secrets... Gather... eyedrops?

Something tells me we're gonna be just as confused when we're done here. Maybe even more so...

Ghost Story is a story driven action RPG currently being developed by me as a solo project! I'm still very much a beginner at game-making but doing this project has taught me  a lot and I'm excited to learn even more as I continue. It's still pretty early into development but I have completed this demo of the prologue chapter for people to enjoy. :^)

This demo is playable with keyboard or xinput devices, and is available on the following platforms:

  • Windows
  • Ubuntu

Caution: There are a few scenes that those who are photosensitive should be aware of: (bright flashing lights, rapidly changing colors). However, there is an in-game option to dampen these effects. The game will ask you early on if you are sensitive to such things. (I'd also recommend answering yes to this question if you are streaming the game or recording video for a lot of people to see.)

Note: Configurable controls are only available for keyboard users at this time. Gamepad configuration is planned, though.


Jonny Andino - Programming, Story, Music, Overworld sprites and backgrounds. As well as Pulse's talksprites.

Jess Andino - August Character Design. All other talksprites, and sword cutscene slides.

'Minimalist Pixel Tileset' - Used for cave terrain. By: Blarget2

Special thanks to YouTube tutorial makers such as Friendly Cosmonaut and Shaun Spalding for your incredible and informative videos and being such a wonderful educational resource for learning Game Maker Studio 2. 💜


All the music used in this demo, and more is available on the Bandcamp page. All OST songs are available for free individual download, but those who choose to pay $3 or more for the full soundtrack will get 7 unused (yet!) bonus tracks in addition. 🎶


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Ghost Story DEMO (Windows).zip 302 MB
Ghost Story DEMO (Ubuntu).zip 302 MB

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